Saturday, August 15, 2009

Our Website Has Been Updated

The Chapters website has been recreated
in Dreamweaver CS3 and uploaded to the

The old website was created in FrontPage
which is no longer supported. The decission
was made to switch servers and software
to a more up to date software, and a server
we could access easily.

We are still working out a few bugs, but the
majority of the website is complete.
Click on the article title above to go to
the website.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

SWOARC assists at structure fire

The Chapter responded to a call for assistance
from the Altus Fire Department at approximately
1:30 this morning at an apartment complex fire
at Forrest and Liveoak. Families and individuals
from nine (9) apartments were being displaced
due to damage and utility disruption.

Rosalyn Hall, Steve Grayson, and Lloyd Colston
all responded to the scene and were able to help
the displaced residents with temporary shelter
in area hotel/motel.

Client Casework continues at the time of this post.
The Chapter so far has been able to meet all the
needs of the clients.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Softball Tournament Canceled

The Southwest Oklahoma Chapter announced this afternoon that the the
2nd annual Slug Fest Co-ed Softball Tournamnet has been canceled.

According to Rosalyn Hall, Executive Director, there were only three teams
that had signed up and paid their entry fee prior to the deadline this afternoon.

John Valenzuela, Disaster Servies Director, and tournament coordinator said
they need at least 5 or 6 teams to sign up to make the tournament feasible.

With the shortfall of teams to sign up, Chapter officials decided to cancel the event
at approximately 4 o'clock this afternoon.

Rosalyn Hall said they may try to reschedule the tournament later in the year,
and said that most people in the Chapters Service Area (Greer, Harmon,
Jackson, and Kiowa Counties) were extremely busy this week with back to
schools activities across the Chapters service area

Monday, August 10, 2009

H1N1 "Swine" Flu update

The title above will link you to the government website.

With the approach of the fall season, and schools starting, there is a renewed concern for an outbreak of the H1N1 (Swine) flu virus.

General precautions is good hygeine practices. Wash hands often with soap and water. Cough into your elbow. Other precautions are listed at or just click on the title above.

If you have flu symptoms....STAY AT HOME. You should not return to work or school until 24 hours after fever has broken.

Remember to wash those hands, and wash often.

School starts this week

Schools around Southwest Oklahoma start this week. Kids will be walking and riding bicycles to get to and from schools.

Please remember to watch for kids as they make their way to and from school. Please use extra precautions as you drive.

If you notice anything unusual in the area, or witness womething that is unsafe, please contact the local Police Dept or School Officials.